Friday, February 27, 2009

Oaxaca Trip Days 3 & 4

Day 3 - Wednesday. The travelers hiked up to the mountain village of La Canada to hold a service in the Bible Methodist Church there.

Bro. Cuco preached a great message that morning, then it's on to the village of Santa Maria to visit the mission there.
Here's Elsa, Bro. Desi's granddaughter and supply pastor at Santa Maria, receiving her gifts from the Auburn Church.

The church people at Santa Maria.

Day 4 - Thursday. The day began with a river baptismal service. 4 new Christians from the church at Las Palmas (Pastor Reveriano) were baptized that morning.

Here's Bro. Dolores speaking to the people and candidates before he and Bro. Parker baptized them in the cold mountain river!

The 4 young people - the baptismal candidates

After the baptismal service, everyone headed to the village of 201 to visit the mission and Pastor Maria, who is helping in the mission here.

Then the missionaries headed up the trail to visit the BM mission in Bugambilias while the Mexican brothers returned to San Gabriel for the evening revival service. There they go....

At every stop during this day, gifts were given to our Bible Methodist pastors: the Christmas gifts from the Auburn church, Spanish Thompson Chain Reference Bibles (as part of the Bible Institute), the 3 volume set of Spanish "Exploring Christian Holiness", given by the Alabama Conference, etc...

Here's Marc with Pastor Reveriano. At an age when most pastors are retiring and enjoying their rocking chairs, this pastor keeps pushing on. He has a burden to see the lost in his community saved.

Marc and Pastor Edgar in front of the newly remodeled church in Bugambilias

The sun is setting on Day 4...over the village of Bugambilias. How beautiful!


Rowen said...

Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! We are thrilled to see the body of Christ in action in your part of Mexico.

Just a comment on your photos: When you choose layout for uploading a picture, if you mark "none" rather than "center", then the pictures are clickable to enlarge. Also mark them as large. We learned this the hard way, so I just thought that I would share this tip with you.

Tamra said...

Enjoyed these photos. Very interesting!

~Heather~ said...

Glad that Marc and Steve are back safely! I enjoyed seeing all the neat pics from their trip!

Have a great Lord's day!

Lisa said...

It's wonderful seeing God move in your lives and in the people there in Mexico! I'm so encouraged when I check in on your blog...
Many blessings on your ministry!