Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oaxaca Trip Days 5 & 6

Day 5 - Friday. The travelers took a trip down to Puerto Escondido, the coastal town right on the beautiful Pacific, where we have 2 Bible Methodist Missions.

Marc talking with one of the locals on the beach of the Pacific.
Marc, Steve, and Bro. Dolores enjoying fresh coconut at one of the missions.

The beautiful Pacific coastline of southern Mexico.

That evening Marc translated Bro. Parker's greetings to the people into Spanish and preached the final revival service in the village church of San Gabriel.

After the service, Marc asked the church board and all of the church members to gather around Pastor Desiderio for a special time of prayer and encouragement.

Day 6 - Saturday. Marc, Steve, Bros. Dolores and Cuco boarded a bus for the trip back over the mountains to Oaxaca City for their Saturday night and Sunday Church Anniversary Celebration and Revival. Bro. Cuco preached Saturday night in the church on the hill (we have 2 Bible Methodist Churches in Oaxaca City).
The view of Oaxaca City from our Bible Methodist Church up on the hill. It's quite a climb - ask anyone who's done it!


Tamra said...

Fresh! I would like to try it myself sometime.

Ronda said...

Marc took some great pictures...very interesting! Fresh coconut sounds yummy to me, too! :)