Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Need for 20 First Aid Kits

Here is a rather last-minute opportunity for you as an individual or church to be part of the Spring Bible Institute Classes here in Saltillo, Mexico.

We are in need of 20 of this basic style of First Aid Kits to be used as part of the First Aid Classes that Prof. Shane Craycraft will be giving in the Institute - April 13 - 17. They could be shipped to our Texas address and we will pick them up there the week prior to the classes.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact us at for more details and shipping info.
Update - thank you to the Covington, GA Bible Methodist Church for providing these First Aid Kits!

Thank you!
Marc & Melodie
Pastors' Wives Project Update - Thank you so much to all who have responded with contributions and money toward the Care Packages! Your ideas are wonderful and I'm looking forward to receiving your items and giving them to the ladies. 8 of the ladies have been chosen as "Sisters in Ministry" - 6 still are available to choose from. If you'd like a Mexican "Sister in Ministry", please contact me for the ones that are available. Thanks again! Melodie


Springer Family said...

hmmm stealing my idea huh. HEHE LOL. Bible says its wrong to steal. LOL HEHE. Arent you glad I thought of it though. LOL. If ya need anything let me know. I have lots and lots of med supplies I get from my ambulance company


Vonnie said...

This is really neat!