Monday, March 30, 2009

A busy Saturday

On Saturday, I had 5 extra children - 5 of our pastor's children to be exact. (they have 6) Since Pastor Dolores and Sylvia were heading out to the desert state of Zacatecas to visit the Bible Methodist missions there and hold services and since their only means of getting there was a one bench seat pickup truck (thanks, Stetlers) I offered to keep their children for the day. They took one of the twin girls who doesn't do too well away from Mom and Dad and the other 5 spent the day here. We had so much fun! Here's a few pictures.

The Hernandez kids eating breakfast just after arriving a little after 7.

Kenya, Marlene and Cesia helped make banana muffins.

Kenya and Marlene played Memory.

The teenagers played Mexico Monopoly.

Kenya and Logan helped me with the laundry.

And did they put away the hot dogs for lunch! :)

Marlene helping with dishes.

We even had time for a scrapbook party.

And look who konked out on the couch mid-afternoon... Kenya had gone as far as she could. :)

Cesia and Cyntia had fun checking email and chatting.

Jazihiel, Cameron and Jordan playing baseball in the street.

We ended the day, meeting Dolores and Sylvia and Christy at McDonalds and enjoyed hearing the update of how their day had gone in Zacatecas. As you can imagine, my boys were thrilled having company all day long and it didn't take longer than a few minutes for all 3 to get to sleep that night. :)

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