Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Weekend Revival in Rio Bravo

We had a wonderful revival in our Bible Methodist Church of Rio Bravo this past weekend. The pictures will tell the story.
Marc preaching the opening service of the revival.

After I posted the above picture, I realized it was blurry. oh well... He was wearing a jacket because it was rainy and chilly most of the weekend.

We enjoyed going out for tacos Saturday afternoon with our great friends, Eli and Isela Balderas and their boys, Ervin and Irving. Our boys love being friends with their boys. Here's Cameron, Logan and Irving.
Jordan and Ervin - the older and "more mature" set of boys. :)

Here's Bro. Eli teaching the Sunday School class.

As you know, Jordan had his 14th birthday on Sunday. As is the custom here in our churches, they asked Jordan to come to the front. Everyone came around to shake his hand, they sang happy birthday to him (in Spanish, of course), they took an offering for him and then Pastor Santiago prayed a special prayer of blessing over him. It was such a neat time.

They say here in Mexico that Jordan will be the next missionary after his dad since he has the "stomach of a missionary" - He loves Mexican food. :)

Here he is with friends after service.

He sang a special song with them in the Sunday evening service - they did a great job.

A couple shots of the crowd Sunday evening. The other border churches lifted their evening services to attend and support the revival in Rio Bravo.

The Lord helped Marc preach every night during this revival. Sunday night was a wonderful service and a special time in God's presence. After his sermon, Marc invited the 3 Bible Methodist pastors and their wives to come to the front, then invited their church people to gather in behind them for a special time of prayer and encouragement.

Pastor Santiago and wife Edith - Rio Bravo

Pastor Homero and wife Esther - Soledad

Pastor Bernardo and wife Arely - La Florida

Here's Marc praying for Bro. Bernardo and his wife
It was my privilege to pray with each of the pastors' wives, also. Here I am praying with Arely.

Bernardo and Arely's precious 3 month old baby girl - Estrella. She's such a smiling, happy baby. Here she is smiling at my friend, Isela.

We enjoyed wonderful meals and fellowship in the home of Pastor Santiago and his family. Here we're eating our Sunday night supper. After I took this photo I realized the string hanging down to turn on the light fell directly across Pastor Santiago's face. Sorry, Brother. :)

We thank the Lord for His help in this revival, for His protection over our family and our people here in this border town, and each of you for your prayers. Thank you, Bro. Santiago, for inviting us to minister and que Dios les bendiga a ustedes muy ricamente!


Sarah Cook said...

I enjoyed those pictures. That is a neat custom for the birthdays... that is really special.
Your boys are really growing up into fine looking young men. They have great parents, too!
May God continue to bless the work you all and the other pastors and families do in Mexico.

Vonnie said...

Great pictures!!!