Thursday, March 12, 2009

We ask for your prayers

We have 2 special prayer requests to share with you.

  • Weekend Revival in Rio Bravo. Tomorrow, we are traveling to the Mexican border town of Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas for Marc to begin preaching a weekend revival in our Bible Methodist Church there, continuing through Sunday night. We ask your prayers for God's annointing on Marc's preaching and our singing ministry this weekend and for the reviving presence of the Holy Spirit to renew and revive us and our Mexican brethren there. Due to the dramatic escalation of the drug wars and violence in border towns, we also request prayer for our family's safety. We will be staying in accomodations provided for us there in the town of Rio Bravo.

  • MRI/Doctor Visit for Logan. Logan will be going in for another MRI this coming Monday morning and we will be meeting with the Infectious Disease Specialist on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the results. Logan has been taken off the antifungal medication for a month now (after having been on this expensive medication for a year)and this MRI is to see how he has done off the medication and if the swelling from the fungus is gone. We appreciate your prayers.

Thank you so much for your prayer support - we count on it!


Tamra said...

We'll be praying for these requests! Be safe!

Lewis Ray said...

OOPS I just Noticed that I skipped this Line, I will be Praying Concerning this Request.

Ronda said...

I have been thinking about ya'll...We will pray for your requests! May you feel God's peace and a sense of His protection!
Loved the picture of your handsome boys in the last post and those muffins looked DElicious! :)

Katie and the boys said...

The boys are growing up!!! Your muffins look delious!!! We will be praying for you all!!!