Thursday, March 26, 2009

Strawberries and more!

This week my wonderful friend, Collette Burch, gave me a big basket of fresh strawberries. I was so happy to get them! I washed them, "topped" them, sliced and covered them in sugar, then served fresh strawberry shortcake to our pastor (Dolores Hernandez) and his wife and family after church last night. Mmmm, it was good! Think the kids liked it?

Marlene is thoughtfully considering how this particular strawberry is going to taste. :)

Kristi has already taken charge of her piece. :)

..while her twin and my seat partner at church, Kenia, threatens to finish off the whole bowl...:) she was giggling when I took this picture.

A rare smile from Logan's buddy, Jazihiel.

The older girls, Cyntia and Cesia, enjoying their dessert, too.

And "strawberries" is not much has been going on. The activity level is really ramping up as we head into the Institute Classes in mid-April then into our very busy but exciting summer. We are so excited about our teams and individuals who are coming to contribute to Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico this summer. If you have interest in coming or in being involved in a work or ministry project in the next few months, please contact us.

We have a 2 bedroom guest house that we've spent time (and money) working on since we moved back to Mexico in December. There's a good possibility that we could provide lodging for your family or group if you're interested in coming. The summer's filling up - but there's probably still room for you. :) It is so encouraging to our family as well as our dear Bible Methodist pastors and people here to have you involved - they love it! And they'll be happy to fix you some delicious Mexican food - you can count on that.

We are really excited about our GBS intern, Brennan Muir, who will be here with us for 6 weeks this summer. He's going to be a tremendous help to us, we know, in all of the upcoming activities. See ya soon, Brennan!

For the past few weeks, we have been so busy planning, preparing, organizing details for the upcoming week of Bible Institute Classes: April 13 - 17. Click on the highlighted words to view an announcement on our BMMissions blog. Also, an announcement with details about professors, classes, etc. is in our most recent missions newsletter being sent out tonight. If you do not receive our newsletter by email and would like to, please contact me.

Please join us in prayer for this week of intense academic and spiritual training for our BM pastors and people. We need God's Spirit to be with us in a special way.

Some of our other recent activities have included teaching Sunday School (both of us), directing and accompanying the Saltillo Youth Choir (both), singing and preaching the revival in Rio Bravo, studying, praying and preparing to teach in the Bible Institute (Marc), organizing the Pastors' Wives Project and First Aid Project (Melodie), meeting with and counseling pastors about various aspects of the work (Marc), not to mention homeschool and housework (Melodie)..smiles..

Our boys have been involved in the work, too, as their intense catch-up work in homeschool would allow. Jordan especially has been busy working at our guest house/office and helping Pastor Dolores work on the remodeling project at his house. We are thankful for well-adjusted, happy sons who are such an asset to our ministry here.


Tamra said...

The shortcake looks so yummy! Enjoyed the photos!

Ronda said...

Gotta love fresh strawberry shortcake! :) Looks DElicious!
Sounds like ya'll have alot going on right now...hope it all goes well! Blessings!

Vonnie said...

The strawberry's look wonderful!! The kids are so cute. You are so busy with all the upcoming goings on! Take care!

~Heather~ said...

Yum! Yum! Your short cake and strawberries looks delicious. I just made 2 batches of strawberry freezer jam which we all LOVE! =)

Sound like life is very busy for y'all too! Isn't it fun being busy in the work of our KING? =)

Have a super weekend.