Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sisters in Ministry - Care Package Project

Thank you ladies (you know who you are..smiles..) who have taken our Mexico Bible Methodist Pastors' Wives as Sisters in Ministry! Your willingness to participate in this project has been personally encouraging to me and I know will be such a special blessing to our pastors' wives. To know they have a Sister in the US who loves them and is praying for them will be wonderful for them.
Some of you have asked what is involved in having a Sister in Ministry. I would recommend a monthly contact if you are able. This could be in one of several forms:
  • You could email me at with a special message for your Sister. I could translate your message and get it to your Sister as soon as possible.

  • You could send a snail mail card. This would take a little longer for me to receive, translate and pass on, but I know would be something the ladies would enjoy. In this you could include pictures of your family, yourself, your church, etc...

  • If you're interested in birthday, anniversary information, I could work on getting that together and passing along a small gift you might want to send her way for those special days.

  • Any additional Thinking of You care package you send would be passed on to her as I'm able.

  • Sharing prayer requests you may have and asking her for any prayer requests she may have is a good way to connect. Share about your family, your children, your ministry...ask about hers.

These are just a few suggestions. Thanks again for participating!

Just a quick reminder to those of you who are sending Care Package items: We need those items as soon as possible to put the packages together and have them ready by mid-April. Please send them to our Texas address included in the sidebar of our blog - we will pick them up there.

Enjoy your Wednesday! Melodie

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