Friday, March 6, 2009

Trip to Oaxaca Days 7 & 8

Ok - let's finish up the Oaxaca trip report and pictures.

Day 7 - Sunday. This was a day of celebration for the past 16 years of God's help and presence in our Bible Methodist Church "on the hill". Bro. Dolores preached a wonderful sermon in the morning service and Marc preached the "clausura" - the last service of the revival.

Here's some of the Sunday morning crowd after the service.

Pastor Benito and his wife Ana singing a special song.

A bilingual quartet: John Parker, Marc, Bro. Dolores and Steve.

Day 8 - Monday. Headed home! A stop was made in the beautiful Oaxaca City plaza (center of town) before leaving. Love these beautiful buildings and the scenery.

A beautiful outdoor restaurant on the plaza.

Marc's gracious hosts in Oaxaca City - Hermano Moises and his wife.

Here are the 3 amigos - think they look a little distracted and travel-weary? I kinda do... :)

That concludes the Oaxaca trip report and pictures - hope you've enjoyed "going" on this trip with them.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Vonnie said...

Love the pictures of Oaxaca.. the cathedral and the restaurant. The guys do look a little distracted... maybe Steve was talking to his love. :) Glad they made it home safely and you have all these wonderful pictures!

Tamra said...

Thoroughly enjoyed "going" with them on this trip. The outdoor restaurant on the plaza looks really neat.