Saturday, August 18, 2007

And he's off.....

Marc left this morning on the 9:45 bus for his 4th trip to Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico bordering the Pacific Ocean. We have several Bible Methodist Churches in this state: in Oaxaca City, scattered through the mountains, and 2 missions that are right on the Pacific Ocean. He will be participating in a pastor installation service in Oaxaca City, dedicating 2 new church buildings in the mountains, will probably be asked to dedicate babies and baptize new believers as he normally does, is scheduled to preach in several of the churches, and will try to catch a few winks of sleep in between. He was excited to go - he always loves going to Oaxaca.

Leaving Salamanca Bus Station

I tried to ready a few things to send with him for the people there. They love any kind of baked goods so I sent some Super Duper Chocolate Cookies (Pam Davis' recipe in the FMC recipe book), some candy for the children, 10 illustrated Spanish children's Sunday School songs (thanks TriState WMS ladies), some handmade Spanish greeting cards addressed to the pastor's wives (thanks, Myranda:, and some printed off flyers announcing the Mexico IHC in October here in Salamanca.

Of course, Marc took a supply of our prayer cards with our Mexico contact info written on the back, and the rest of the Behold the Harvest posters translated into Spanish (thanks, Bro. Sams and others). He was also able to take a generous money gift along with him to begin the construction of a new church building in Santa Maria - more on this later)

Here's Oaxaca City

One of the Bible Methodist Missions on the Pacific Ocean - the ocean's just right down that little road

Pastor Desiderio Lopez looking out at the Pacific Ocean

The boys and I are planning to start homeschool on Monday - I think they're excited although they don't want to admit it.

I would appreciate your prayers for Marc and for the boys and me. I'll need to be Mom and Dad for awhile and he'll need God's grace and strength to help him minister and be an encouragement to the churches and pastors there in Oaxaca.

Thanks for your prayers!


Springer Family said...

We'll be praying -- the Pacific ocean view is very pretty!

Kim M. said...

Melodie I loved the pictures in this post. That little mission near the Pacific Ocean is so cute. That picture made me want to be there.

Julie said...

We'll be praying for you all!!!


Michael & Ruth Anne Arnold said...

We will be praying for you as well. It is exciting to watch your ministry as God directs you. God Bless!

Valorie said...

Will be praying for you (what a brave mom!) and for Marc (I know he will miss you guys!)

Best wishes as school starts. My kids start on Aug. 27 -- can't decide if I'm glad or not...)

Watched a clip the other day from the time we spent at your house in Franklin after IHC in 1998. Duane, Marc, and Anthony lip-synching, us eating pizza and ice cream after church on Sunday night, Jordan and Ashley playing on the stairs -- wow, what great memories!
Love ya,

jody johnson said...

I'll be praying for you. I'm sure it's hard to see Marc go. Maybe school will keep you extra busy so the time will go by quickly!

Tamra said...

The pictures are beautiful! Hope you and the boys do ok by yourselves.