Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Update from Marc in Oaxaca

I won't recap the news, since I'm sure most of you are already following Hurricane Dean. Here's a link to view the latest if you haven't seen it:


However, Dean has now made landfall on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula as the first Category 5 hurricane to hit in 15 years and is now weakening some.

I talked with Marc last night from San Gabriel, a town about an hour north of the Pacific Coast in the state of Oaxaca. He said no effects had been felt there yet, although the entire state is on an alert and Oaxaca City (pictured below), where he ministered last weekend, was in full preparation mode. Heavy rain and wind are expected there as Dean passes through. Please pray for our 2 churches, pastors and people there in the City.

Today through Thursday Marc and our National President, Dolores Hernandez, Pastor Desiderio Lopez and possibly others will be traveling on mountain roads to visit rural churches in the area where torrential rain and heavy wind are possible. Marc was confident that God's protection would be with them and wanted to thank SOO many of you who have emailed, commented, or called to say you are praying for his safety. I know God is in control of it all - we're in His hands.

I imagine that we here in Salamanca will feel Dean's effects as early as tomorrow morning. It appears that wind and rain will be the extent of it, but I'll keep you posted.

Again, thanks for your prayers and concern!

Melodie and boys


~Heather~ said...

Sorry for this SCARE...we are praying for Marc, for your churches and people, and for y'all at home! Trust that God will protect and help everyone during this time.

Thanks for this update! Thanks also for the SWEET comment on my blog, it's fun staying in contact this way, isn't it?!

Love ya, and praying for y'all tons right now, Heather =)

The Going Blog said...

Thank you for the update. I'm not familiar with Mexico yet but it has become an important country to me since you all are there.

Vonnie said...

I'll keep praying for Marc, and you keep letting us know how he is doing and how close the storm is to him. It is great to know that we are in God's hands, whose plans are for good.

Marty said...

We are praying for you during this time. I am a little jealous of the rain...we could use alot of it...

Springer Family said...

We'll keep praying...I, would not want to be on mountain roads during a rain storm...but God is greater than the storm!!

Janella said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Melodie, your family has been very close in our thoughts and prayers! We have been tracking the storm too! I'm so glad that God is not limited by miles:)