Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Update

Well, we seem to have "survived" Hurricane Dean with little or no problems. Marc reported last night that it rained steadily and heavily at times in San Gabriel yesterday, making driving conditions pretty scary at times - especially the drive back down the mountain from our church in Las Palmas last night. But they made it down safely, and Marc is now on his way home! yay!

Oh, guess what? For all you who know how Marc "loves" seafood - he HATES it - he ate shrimp yesterday morning in San Gabriel! Shrimp and beans were on the breakfast menu and he decided to go for it. He said, "Melodie, it didn't taste half bad."

We got rain most of yesterday here in Salamanca, but today is sunny and 75 degrees!

Again, thank you to all of you who prayed for our safety. God certainly answered prayer and we thank Him. I'll be sure to let you know when Marc arrives home safely!

Our Bible Methodist Missions Secretary John Parker is arriving tomorrow to visit with us over the weekend - we're really looking forward to him being here! By the way, today is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Uncle John!


The Going Blog said...

You are spoiling us with these daily updates. If they stop when Marc gets home we are liable to wish for him to travel again :)

Vonnie said...

Can't wait to hear that he is home safe I'm glad he tried shrimp.. I'm not crazy about shrimp either but I do like other seafood, especially halibut!!!

Janella said...

I can't believe Marc ate SHRIMP! He is definetly filling his missionary shoes:) YaY Marc, were proud of you:) So glad Marc is safe and sound and probably home by this time. I lost my internet service for a little while today and couldn't wait to know what was going on, Thanks for the updates:)Miss you Melodie!Love, Janella

Tamra said...

OH, MY WORD!!! Marc and seafood! I never thought they would be found in the same sentence. Tell him we are proud of him. That just opens up all kinds of restaurant possibilities for the next time you guys visit. :) We'll see if we can't get him to love it. hee hee