Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My 4th Trip to Oaxaca

Still growing! Still evangelizing! Still making disciples! These words describe our churches in the region of Oaxaca. Each time I make the trip, I return amazed at the sacrifice, dedication and success of these earnest-hearted people.

I was privileged to take part in a pastoral installation at the Oaxaca city church. One of our more recent graduates from the Institute, Benito Martinez and his wife Ana have heard the call of God to the pastorate. It was wonderful to see this family initiated into Kingdom work.

The Lord guided us safely to the mountain village of Jayacatlan for the evening service, where current student, Alejandro is pastoring until the Bible Institute re-opens. He was wonderfully saved a few years ago at a Bible Methodist youth congress and God has placed the call to the ministry on his life.

Monday, President Dolores Hernandez and I made the 6 hour trip across rather dangerous mountain roads to the region of San Gabriel. The next few days were filled with special things. Among them were two new church dedications. The congregations at 201 and La Cañada, with generous giving from their U.S brothers and sisters, have completed desperately needed structures to accommodate the souls of the community. What exhilaration to see these congregations march triumphantly out of their dilapidated and decaying places of worship, singing “Firmes y Adelante” “Onward Christian Soldiers,” on their way to dedicate brand new churches to God’s service.

Bro. Dolores and I shared in that joy as we preached, sang and prayed with seekers around the altar in various services. I want to thank God for His providence and protection from the effects of Hurricane Dean. We did experience a lot of rain, which made traveling on some of those already notorious roads a bit tricky but God guided us safely through.

One of the most heart-warming ministries I have found in Oaxaca is that of Pastor Desiderio’s granddaughter, Hilda, and her children’s ministry. She showed with great pride all of the children’s material that she and others have hand-made out of cardboard boxes to minister to hundreds of children in various missions and churches. As I listened God spoke to me and I knew that the children’s materials I had brought with me had found their home. She was elated to receive beautiful Spanish children’s choruses made and sent from the Tri-State WMS. If you have a burden for Mexico, I urge you to invest in and pray for Hilda’s ministry to children.

Please notice the photo of Pastor Desiderio proudly holding the brand new “Behold the Harvest” (Bible Methodist connectional theme for this quadrennial) poster in Spanish. Nearly all our pastors have received these posters and have them displayed in their churches.

Thank you for your sacrificial giving and praying that allows you to partner with this church planting movement in Oaxaca!

Marc Sankey


Springer Family said...

Thanks for sharing! Its so encouraging to see what God is doing!!

Julie said...

As I read this I thought of all the BOXES of child evangelism materials I am blessed with. Wow. What a sobering thought. We will definately be praying for her ministry with the children.


Vonnie said...

So good to hear of what is going on in Oaxaca. Very interesting!!

Janet Sankey said...

So great to hear and see where you've been and what has been happening while you were in Oaxaca. We thank the Lord for His protection and guidance for you while you were away from your family. Our prayers are with you all daily. Love, mom

Myranda said...

Thanks for updating us. I enjoyed reading it all - Glad you got home safely last week!

Love ya,
Your favorite Sis-in-law
(Of course, you would have known even if my name wouldn't have been at the top) LOL!

~Heather~ said...

Great reading the good report and seeing the great pictures. It touched my heart! May God bless y'all there as you pour out your lives to touch souls for Jesus in Mexico!
We love y'all and pray for y'all daily!
Heather and family in Colombia! =)