Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean

I'm sure most of you are tracking Hurricane Dean as I am. (Use this link: ) You may not be (hope not) in its projected path as we are here in Mexico.

If Dean continues his westward and slightly southward tilt, it should hit the Yucatan Peninsula in about 24 hours and its effects will be felt all over southern Mexico, which happens to be exactly where my husband is at the moment and will be most of this week. He is traveling to visit our churches over mountain roads and in very rural areas where Dean's fury could have the worst effects.

I am concerned as you can imagine. Please help me pray for his safety and those with whom he is traveling.



Julie said...

We are praying, Melodie!!

Anthony said...

We are and will be praying! Hopefully, the Lord will change the path of the storm again!

Paul and Candy said...

We are all praying for Marc and your family. Please keep us posted as much as possible.

Candy and Paul

Janella said...

Just wanted you to know that we are praying for Marc as well as you and the boys.Love,Janella

Michelle said...

I hear it made landfall early this morning. Trust everyone is doing okay -- update us when you can.