Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Market, the Park, and Delicious Mexican Food

Mom and Dad arrived safely on Monday afternoon and we all went to the market that night to shop and eat tacos al pastor in the plaza. It was all decorated for Christmas and was beautiful. There were just crowds of people everywhere waiting on the Coca-Cola parade that takes place every Christmas. We had a great time.

Then yesterday Vonnie, Heidi, Katie and I made chicken enchiladas for all 19 of us. They were delicious!

After eating we went to a city park where they have tons of these huge concrete slides...almost the whole family took a turn sliding down - it was a blast. Such a fun family afternoon!

We asked Jose Luis Correa, one of the young people in the church, to go with us to help us find our way to the park and spend the afternoon with us. He was happy to go and the guys had fun pitching softball and finishing things off with a great game of basketball. Muchas gracias, Jose Luis!

Jose Luis is on the far left in the blue shirt - what a basketball player!

That evening we gathered around the table at the home of Jose and Anna Correa, our friends from way back. They fixed us a fabulous typical Mexican meal. The main dish was called "discada" - it consisted of several kinds of meats, served with frijoles puercos (beans), flour tortillas, guacamole and salsa, etc. Just wonderful!

We enjoyed fellowshipping with the Correa Family in their home. As always, gracious hosts and wonderful friends.

Tonight at 7 pm is our Christmas Eve program at church. I'll be posting about that soon.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!

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David and Sarah Fry said...

You've gonna have to quit posting those yummy pictures! My tummy is so hungry for those foods! I've enjoyed catching up on your blog. It made my heart happy to see the Sankey clan there for Christmas.