Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update on Logan

Quick update on Logan before we head back to Saltillo:

Both doctors - the Infectious Disease Specialist and the Ear Nose & Throat Specialist - were pleased with his progress. The MRI results showed just 3 mm of swelling, definitely less than August's MRI and obviously we're moving in the right direction. The ID specialist is leaving him on the Vfend (anti fungal med) for another 2 months, then off for a month, then another MRI in March to see what is happening at that time. The doctor expects that with his progress to this point, by that time he can be completely off the medication. The ENT wants to leave him on one allergy pill a day (Loratadine 10 mg) for now and was happy with how his sinuses looked. Bloodwork was normal.

So, a good report - we're very thankful. And we're heading back to Saltillo this afternoon!

My heart is heavy for my Uncle Verlon. The failed attempt at angioplasty today and possible stent procedure soon, along with all the blockages and damage to his heart, sounds very discouraging. All we can do is trust him to the Lord and pray. I know God can do a miracle and touch him - we sure believe in that!

Love you all and thanks for your prayers for us,



~Heather~ said...

Melodie, I am praying for your uncle. I'm sorry to hear about his heart trouble!

Loved getting caught up on your blog. Your new home looks so nice. Glad that y'all are getting somewhat settled in before Christmas. Enjoyed the pics of your first few days back too. Your country is beautiful.

Glad for the good report for Logan. Thanks for the birthday wish to Sarah from y'all! =)
A Happy Holiday Season to y'all!

Sarah Cook said...

Glad to hear that Logan is getting better. I am sure he is very thankful, too.
Enjoy reading your updates!

Steve Hight said...

Life is such a mixed bag sometimes. Good news tempered by bad news. Discouragement brightened by blessing. Aren't we glad to have One we can look to Who can keep us focused upward in spite of the negatives of life? We're glad for the good news about Logan and your getting settled in your home. God bless!