Thursday, December 4, 2008

MRI and Leaving for Saltillo

Logan and Marc left a few minutes ago for Logan's follow up MRI and bloodwork. I hope Logan does alright - he's still not cool with needles! He has a couple doctors' appointments/checkups next week to find out these results. Thank the Lord - he is doing great.

When they get back and we get things packed in and a few errand stops accomplished, we're heading south! We hope to cross the border by noon and should arrive in Saltillo by 4-5 pm. The boys and I will have to obtain our visas at the border - all other paperwork is in order - thanks to the Lord and my wonderful husband.

We will be staying with Stetlers tonight and our furniture and belongings should be arriving sometime tomorrow from Salamanca, if all goes as planned.

We are praying that this 2nd 3 year term of service in Mexico will also be blessed of the Lord and that in all things we might bless His name and lift Him up - that is our desire.

Thanks for your prayers and support - we are counting on them!


Michele said...

Thank you for the updates! We will be praying that God gives you a safe journey today.

David and Kristi Flinck said...

Logan...just so you know...I'm not cool with needles as well.

Our boys had fun playing with your boys the last two days.

May the Lord continue to bless your family and ministry.

Tamra said...

Hope Logan gets wonderful results. Good luck with your move! I know you are anxious to get settled in.

Angie Davis said...

Poor Logan! I wouldn't be cool with needles either, if I had just spent a year being a professional pin cushion.

Praying the move goes well!