Friday, December 5, 2008

We've Arrived in Saltillo

Logan's MRI and bloodwork went well (even through rolling veins) yesterday, we got our errands accomplished and headed for the border around noon. The boys and I got our visas, we passed through the border and checkpoint with no problems and we arrived in the beautiful city of Saltillo where God has called us to minister around 5 pm.

As we remembered from before, the mountains are just gorgeous and provided us with beautiful scenery along the way.

We drove to our house and peeked in the windows since we didn't have our keys was fun! Then we drove over to Beth and Steve's house (in the same neighborhood) to unload a few of our things for the overnight stay.

We ate pizza at Domino's then went on a walk through of our house and got our keys later last night. This morning Beth and I and our pastor's wife Sylvia are going over to clean in preparation for the moving truck scheduled to arrive mid-day.

Thank the Lord for a safe arrival and for all those who are helping us get settled here in Saltillo. More news later!


Jonathan said...

Ya'll enjoy my old stomping grounds. Been years since I,ve been there. Lots of memories. I even "helped" build the church... ok well more like get in the way, but hey it was fun. Anyway enjoy.

Jennifer Truitt said...

So glad Logan's appointment went well and you all made it safely home! We are trusting these next three years go wonderful for you all with no complications!!Will look forward to seeing your new house!!

Jennifer Truitt said...
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June Robinson said...

So glad to hear about Logan's news. Glad you all are finally "home". Thanks for stopping by Shreveport and sharing your vision with us.

Vonnie said...

YAY!! I called Beth tonight and she said you are staying in your very own home for the first night in 14 months.. tonight!!! I am so happy!!!

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

So glad you found a house. Looks beautiful! It is so important to have a place of comfort, and a place to get away from the stresses.