Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Tuesday

My goodness, what a beautiful day in South Texas - I saw 79 degrees on one bank sign - I'm loving it!

We're working on our to-do list, which seems to be growing instead of shrinking. So many things to get done in preparation to move back to the mission field.

We're staying here in the RGBI guest house, trying to get all our paperwork in order for us and our vehicle, etc....what a job!

We have hopes of being able to move into our house in Saltillo this Friday. The tentative plans are being made that way - we'll wait and see. Marc reminded me of our motto tonight: One Day at A Time!

It was fun to get to see our family and fellow missionaries, the Stetlers, again today. It had been months since the boys and I had seen Beth and Steve! We got to spend a little time together tonight. Soon we'll all be in Mexico together - can't wait!

On a more sober note - I would like to request prayer for my uncle, Verlon Agan Jr. He is in the hospital in Athens, GA suffering heart problems. He is stable at the moment for which we are very grateful.

I'm off to get some rest before the next day dawns!

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