Thursday, July 16, 2009

God's Protecting Hand

On Friday morning, we headed north with Nathan and Myranda and the kids to the US border and they started their trip back towards home.

On the way, we had a major blowout about an hour south of Reynosa! Thank the Lord for His protecting hand on us. The blowout happened on a straight stretch of road with little to no traffic. This trip (from Saltillo to the US border) involves stretches of very busy highway traffic and we could easily have been in the middle of Monterrey when it happened. Thank you, Lord.

The "green angel" - traveler assistance vehicle - stopped by while we were changing the tire. He was very kind and helped us wire the fender back on so we could make it the rest of the way to the border.

The tread messed up part of the left passenger door, took out the left rear fender and the light.

Check out that tire - tread gone!

The spare's on - we're ready to roll.

Myranda, Logan and Treyton walked back down the road to drag the huge pieces of tread off the road, before someone wrecked swerving to miss it.


Beth Stetler said...

that is unbelievable and scary! so, so glad y'all are ok!

Tim&Ette said...

Glad to hear you guys are ok!!!