Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old Friends

One of the really neat things that has happened while Nathan and Myranda have been here is that Nathan got to see 2 ladies that he and his family knew from being missionaries here in Mexico when Nathan was young.

Here he is talking with Chelo and her husband, Lupe. Chelo is a long time friend of the Weaver Family. Nathan does well speaking Spanish even after all these years.

The other lady that Nathan got to see is Norma. She hadn't even realized he was in the service until she happened to see Treyton, our 6 year old nephew. She said to herself, "That's Nathan!" She was so excited to see and talk to Nathan and Myranda and kids after church.


Beth Stetler said...

so glad that nathan and myranda could visit you in mexico and nathan was able to see old friends.

Ronda said...

Neat that you are getting to spend special time with family! Happy for you!