Sunday, July 5, 2009

Twins, Twins and yes, more Twins!

This morning in the service in Saltillo, there were 3 sets of twins present - 2 of them were in my Sunday School class! :-) By the way, there were 14 of us in my SS class this morning - I think that's a record. It was great, but we were crammed in there and the temperature kept rising the whole hour and 15 minutes. So fun to have my nephews and neice, Treyton, Jackson and Jada in my class today!

The twins are as follows: (in order)

First set - Pastor Dolores and Sylvia's daughters, Christy and Kenya. They are turning 6 on Saturday.

Second set - Kevin and Dariela - 7 years old. Their family faithfully attends the Saltillo church.

Third set - Jada and Jackson - 5 years old.

So much fun to be with my beautiful youngest sister Myranda and her family.


Beth Stetler said...

great pic of the twins. 14 in ss?! wow! glad your family is there.

Myranda said...

All of these kids are just gorgeous!!

~Heather~ said...

Our family has been ministering at our church in Cartagena, Colombia (24 hours away from Bogota) for 2 weeks so I enjoyed catching up on your blog today. That was neat that that team came. Looks like they were a huge help. Nice flowers, candles, and card they got you.
So glad that your sister and family are there for a visit. How fun!

I know what you mean, it's a tad sad to celebrate 4th of July in another country, but we missionary wives do what we gotta do. =) We had a fun day too.

I'm sure you are missing the Stetlers. Have fun with your family and God bless!