Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heartland Youth Camp 2009

Last Sunday afternoon, the boys and I headed north from McAllen, TX going to Youth Camp.
My sister Marci picked us up in Indianapolis and drove us to Bedford that night.

Mom and Dad Sankey gave us a delicious breakfast Monday morning before heading to YC!

Camp is in sight!

Getting started with the first service.

My friend Heather's cabin that she let me borrow to stay in again this year...and my father in law's car that he loaned us - thanks so much!

Jordan was chosen to be on Bro. Jim Stroup's team - the Disciples! They did great all week and came in a close Second Place on Friday afternoon. Bro. Stroup is an awesome team leader!

Tug of war afterglow activity - so fun!

On Tuesday, I got to visit with my friends Heather, Michele, Janella, Tamra, and Sarah. Here Jillian is showing me her book.

It rained on Wednesday (and Thursday morning). The kids were great sports and played right through it.
Jordan on kitchen duty - he didn't really care for me taking his picture. :-)

I enjoyed helping in the Snack Bar this year. My friend Michele and I are getting the hot pretzels ready for the campers.

The most important part of Youth Camp..seeking the Lord around the altar.

My handsome boy before Thursday night service.

Hobe Sound Quartet singing in one of the evening services.

We all enjoyed the annointed preaching ministry of Travis Johnson.

Jordan participating in the Afterglow Water Balloon Relay. You had to pass the balloon down the team, run to the bucket, rip open the balloon, spill the water into the bucket, run back and grab the next balloon and start it on its way. The Disciples won this relay!
I forgot to mention that part of winning the relay meant pouring the bucket of water on the team leader. Bro. Stroup was a great sport after getting drenched!

Cameron got in on the action on Friday. During the All-Star Games, the other younger kids got to play in pick up games. Cameron is so looking forward to being a camper next year!

Dustin Muir batting in the Stars vs. Stiffs Softball Game.

My sister Missy and brother in law Gerald came to see me on Friday so I could meet my new niece Jazmine. She's just an adorable princess!

Jordan meeting Jazmine - he's the oldest grandchild on my side of the family and she's the youngest.

Cameron meeting Jazmine

This is the scene on the 4 hour drive home to Bedford...the boys konked out. Yes, Cameron is asleep here - he sleeps with his eyes open.

Jordan snoozing....

Getting to go to Youth Camp was so wonderful....we're so thankful we were able to attend again this year.


Michele said...

Thanks for being my camp buddy! It was fun and I'm looking forward to next year. Love you and have safe trip home.

Linda said...

Where was Logan?

Ronda said...

Looks like lots of fun! :) Good times...