Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sunday with the Team

Sunday was a really great day at our BM church in Saltillo. The Team was involved in ministry all day. Bro. Ed Durham taught the Adult Sunday School class with Bro. Craig McLaughlin translating into Spanish.

Saltillo Pastor and Conference President Dolores Hernandez

We had a great "pitch in" Mexican dinner in the comedor after morning service. Here's Brennan helping himself to some of it. He loves Mexican food and they love it that he loves it! :-) By the way, I think we've decided that we're not going to let Brennan leave in a few days. Just feels like he's one of us least we have to have a signed contract that he's coming back before he can get on that plane. :-)

Not sure what Sylvia and I were talking about, but it must have been funny.

The whole team sang a sang in Spanish and English in the evening service: "Jesus, We just Want to Thank You/ Cristo, Queremos Dar Gracias". It was so beautiful!

Playing and singing with the Team

Bro. Craig preached a wonderful message in the evening service.

After the evening service, Kristin Foster (Chris Lambeth translating) taught a music class.
She taught basics like steady beat, counting beats in a measure, how to learn a new song (which we did in the class), then took time for their questions and song suggestions at the end of class. She did a great job and everyone enjoyed learning more about music.

Marc singing the new song in Spanish to demonstrate.

Here they are learning to conduct a song in 3/4 or 4/4 time.

As I said, it was a full day of ministry but very rewarding, too!

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