Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 3 of the Bible Institute

Yesterday's breakfast consisted of cinnamon rolls and fruit - specifically mangoes. We love to eat them with lime and salt...yummy!
Steve teaching a class in the Institute.
At lunch time, we gathered around the laptop to watch the IHC services live - here we are watching the International Service. Appropriate, huh? :)

After the Institute Classes were over yesterday, we had prayer meeting. It was a good time of worshipping together. Pastor Cuco from Cuchicuato preached a great message.

Pastor Cuco and his church people sang a special song.

Shane enjoyed getting to see good friends, Jose and Anna Correa....


Tamra said...

OK, the mangoes are now one of my favorite fruits. Love them with the salt and fresh lime! The rolls were to die for as well! Thanks for all your wonderful hospitality, Melodie.

~Heather~ said...

Your breakfast looked good. We love mango, salt, and lemon. =) Yesterday we had to run and apply for an extension on our Colombian visas (due to a problem on the governments end) and so we missed the International service =(...but we hope to see it on the archives soon. Laura said that it was good. While we were waiting to get our extensions, we enjoyed some yummy mango too.
Glad that God is helping y'all's Biblt Institute.