Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Fun Saturday in the Desert

Yesterday we took our friends, the Craycrafts, to the desert. Now, arguably we were already in the desert, but somehow getting out in those remote villages feels more "desert" than in the big city of Saltillo. We had fun seeing the sights and showing them our Bible Methodist Churches in these villages.

Not sure why Logan was trying to climb on top of the "necessary" but looks like he has a following. :)

Notice the dust devils on the valley floor.
Exploring the cemetery.

We ended up at the "slide park" - that's what we call it - because of these huge concrete slides. We had tons of fun - no one wanted to leave.

There goes Bryson - head first. :)

Here comes Shane and Jillian

Love this video of the boys sliding. :)


Beth Stetler said...

Looks like a great day. So glad Craycrafts could be here in Saltillo.

Vonnie said...

Those villages are the "real" deal!! Gotta love the slides! :)