Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Quinceañeara in the Village

On Saturday night, our family and Beth and Kent (also family) attended a quinceañeara in the village of La Boca. A quinceañeara is a special celebration for Mexican girls on their 15th birthday. It is a very meaningful occasion as a girl becomes a young lady in this culture, leaving "girlhood" behind. The young lady turning 15 is the granddaughter of our BM pastor en La Boca - her name is Jendy. Many family members and friends turned out for this special occasion.
Jendy's father escorting her down the aisle.
Pastor Dolores praying a prayer of blessing over Jendy.

The receiving line to congratulate Jendy.
Jendy and her family
After the ceremony in the church and Pastor Dolores' message, we went to the cena (the celebration supper; kinda like a reception) It was awesome! Being in the "rancho" (the country), the reception was held in the open air and when I say air - I mean it!! The wind picked up and practically blew us off the rancho. Also as the sun sets, the temperature drops at this elevation. We had all forgotten jackets so we were thoroughly chilled and wind-blown when we left. But what fun! The mariachi band that played for the occasion was fantastic. And Jendy's cake was beautiful. We didn't get to stay to taste it - when we left at 9:30 (we were an hour and 15 minutes from home), the meal was still in full swing with the 4th serving in progress. When there are not enough tables to seat everyone, we eat in shifts. That's just the way it's done.

It was a great cultural experience - one we won't forget. Not to mention the great time with Beth and Kent on the drive out and back. Love y'all!
Sylvia and I setting up her beautiful cake.
Jendy and I at the reception.
The mariachi band was awesome!

The outdoor reception...notice the beautiful mountain scenery in the background. The decorations were beautiful! I'm bending over to fasten Kenya's jacket.... behind Marlene.

Waiting for the cena/supper to be served. We ate carne guisada, rice, charro beans and tortillas. Delish!

Marc pictured here with our pastor's daughter from San Rafael, Perla and her husband to be - they are planning to be married on October 24. He is a pastors' son from Monterrey; his name is Eliezer. They're both great kids - we're excited that they're going to be married.

Having fun with Beth and Sylvia

Acting crazy...playing musical chairs

Scenes from the drive out:

An older Mexican couple making their way from La Boca down to the village of San Rafael. Yes, he's riding and she's walking.....

Logan standing by the gate to the property...waiting on the people to arrive. Notice the huge nopales (cactus) behind him.

Check out this dust devil - very common here in the desert. It had just passed through the church property, almost blowing us away while we were saying hello to the people who were arriving. Love those mountains. :)


Tamra said...

Awww...we've been there! Looks like you had a great time at the celebration. Thanks for sharing the photos.

~Regina~ said...

What a special tradition to celebrate with family and friends. The cake table was beautiful! Now the family has to save up for a wedding in a few years! :)

Neat picture of the dust devil!

collette said...

Melodie, the pictures of the quinceañera are great....sounds like you experienced everything in one evening! Seeing the pictures of Berzain's son and his fianceé just seems unreal...can it be he's already old enough to get married!!:)

collette said...

Melodie, the pictures of the quinceañera are great....sounds like you experienced everything in one evening! Seeing the pictures of Berzain's son and his fianceé just seems unreal...can it be he's already old enough to get married!!:)

Beth Stetler said...

thanks for taking us. what great memories we made!!

The Smith Family said...

The cakes and the cake stand were so pretty! It is so interesting getting to peak into your world over there. Thanks for sharing with us.

Katie and the boys said...

They go all out don't they!!! I need your help!!!! I would like to teach my pre-k class an easy cute spanish song for our end of the year program. do you have any suggestions? My email address is

Katie H

Grandmagene said...

Melodie, I know you don't know me, but I read your blog through Cheryl Watters. We are very good friends. I just read about you attending A Quinceneara. My husband is co-owner of a tuxedo business and I work for him. We do lots of those. They will have anywhere from 4 -20 people in it. We have never been to one, but we hear lots about them as they try to explain to us what they are like. They spend as much on those as they do on weddings. I love the pictures you posted. She usually has girls standing up and of course her escort and then her chamberlains sp? I am not sure of the We have some pictures posted on our wall. I will have to post you some of the ones we have done, and what they wear. I love the pictures tho, that you posted. I am going to show them to my husband. Hope you don't mind. I have a blog. I also have a daughter whose name is Melody too. Just spelled a little different.

Ronda said...

What a beautiful tradition...almost like a wedding. (I love that idea! :))Enjoyed the pretty pics....That lovely girl's hair is amazing! Glad that you shared...

Vonnie said...

Very interesting post! Love that cake!