Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Sunday with the Craycrafts

We enjoyed having Shane, Tamra and kids in church with us in Saltillo on Sunday. Love this picture of them in front of our church.

I enjoyed having Bryson in my Sunday School class -he did great, and even said his Bible verse in Spanish.

Nohemi helping Bryson with his workbook page.

Bryson participated with our class when we made our presentation at the end of the service. We sang Jesus Loves Me in Spanish and English as part of our presentation. :)

Gathered around our Sunday dinner table for (of all things) a spaghetti dinner! Believe me, we had eaten Mexican food almost every meal this past week and spaghetti just seemed to be the thing to do. :)

The kids eating on our patio - I love having this extra space to entertain guests. Our pastors' son, Jazhiel, enjoys coming home with us for lunch and spending Sunday afternoon with Logan.

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~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed seeing these pics. I'm sure that y'all's Sunday dinner was delicious. I know that the Craycrafts really enjoyed their time with y'all! (They may still be there, I'm not sure. =)

There aren't lots of people who are commenting on blogs right now...I guess life must be keeping everyone busy. =D