Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Fun Monday

On Monday we went back to the downtown market, ate some tacos, shopped, drove around the city a little, relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine on our back patio and ended up the day with some delicious burritos at Jose and Ana's. It was sad to say goodbye Tuesday morning, but we're looking forward to the time when they can come back to Mexico again!
Tamra and I had so much fun Facebooking...chatting about a million things...just being together.
The view from El Mirador - the Overlook
Shane, Tamra, and kids with Saltillo in the background.
Tamra tried elotes in the market....she didn't like them too much. :)
And there's the pig head...yep, right there in plain view in the market....unappetizing to say the least.
Delicious food with great friends from way back....:)
Cameron and Bryson enjoying sleeping on the family room floor together. :)


Tamra said...

Thanks again for everything. We had an absolute blast with you guys!

Ronda said...

Enjoyed all of your pretty pictures... sounds like you had a great time with "special" friends! So happy for you! :)

Vonnie said...

So much fun!! I know you all had a wonderful time together!!