Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1st Day Report

I talked to Marc late last night and he was giving me a report of the first day of the Bible Institute. The Lord had really helped him in his session with the pastors, from 4:30 - 7 pm. He addressed several important topics with them, gained their up to date contact information, event information about their churches to put together a Conference calendar, and more. He said that it was a very successful time together and that the Lord had helped him communicate in Spanish.

Here is one of the pictures he quickly sent to me last night so I could get an idea of the setup. When I saw these pictures I almost cried - I miss our dear people there so badly and wish I could be there for this important event.

Thank you for praying for the reopening of the Bible Institute. Your prayer support is so valuable as we take this first big step in taking the Bible training to the people!

For more photos, see Stetlers' blog at


Vonnie said...

This is so awesome and exciting!

~Heather~ said...

Praise the Lord, that is so neat, May God bless this effort for Him. I can see where you would want to be there with your man...and for this special event.

Uncle John said...

I am so proud of Marc! He is providing such good leadership in Mexico! I've watched the pastors seek his advice and counsel... and freely share their hearts with him... he has gained their confidence! He is carrying HEAVY loads and facing MAJOR challenges to change the mindset toward Growth and Maturity... But he's doing it with poise and grace! And I think he's doing very well with the Cultural and Language barriers! I can say the same for Steve! He is such a wonderful Co-Laborer with Marc! Strong, Warm and Friendly.... and so earnest hearted! The Mexican Pastors seem to love him already! THANK GOD FOR WONDERFUL MISSIONARIES!