Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday at Faith Mission Church

The boys and I enjoyed attending Faith Mission Church where Marc's parents pastor. The guest speaker yesterday morning was Rev. Edsel Trouten, a great "old" friend of Marc's dad from back in the day at GBS. He preached a wonderful sermon - just what we needed. We enjoyed lunch with him at Marc's parents' home - thank you, Mom, for another one of your "classics", as we call them.

Bro. Trouten called Jordan "Marc II" when he saw him - and mentioned that he would have liked to see Marc but of course that wasn't possible with him being in Mexico.

I remember - and he mentioned it yesterday - that Bro. Trouten was a part of one of the most genuine revivals we ever had while we were pastoring at Franklin Bible Methodist Church. Any Franklin people reading this would probably remember it as well - that time of God's moving among us was one of the true highlights of our ministry there.

Knowing my father in law's love for chocolate, I made a chocolate cake for the occasion. Here are Dad and Bro. Trouten about to "dig in".

We enjoyed having David and Tamarah Crosley, Dwight and Melissa for lunch, too.

Mom's mums and pumpkin on her front porch


Heather said...

I remember that time so well! I was just thinking about it yesterday when Bro. Hooker was preaching about having revival.That was an Awesome time at our church!

Beth Stetler said...

I'm hungry for US food, we haven't eaten or even seen roast beef in months!

Vonnie said...

I just love to see pictures of Mom and Dad and their new place. The choc. cake looks awesome. I haven't seen Bro. Trouten in years. I'm praying for Marc to find the perfect place for you all!

~Heather~ said...

Yes, I agree with Beth...roast beef sounds WONDERFUL right now!!! Nearly every time that someone asked us what we were hungry for (While we were in the USA for 5 months) I would tell them roast beef! YUMMMY!
How neat to see pics of your Father-in-law, your kids, your pretty choc. cake, etc. Enjoyed this post!!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

I haven't seen Mr. Trouten in years. He was at Hobe Sound when I was there. I loved he and his wife so much. Mr. Trouten was my favorite teacher. He could preach a sermon reading every page of his notes word for word and send chills up and down your spine. He truly is a wonderful man of God. Love the cake. Chocolate is my favorite flavor.

Dorothy Bowen Klass said...

I heard that Bro. Trouten's health was not good. Do you know how he is doing? Is his wife still living? I, too, appreciated them and their ministry.