Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Institute begins today!

The Rio Bravo church where the Institute Reopening and the General Assembly will be held

Today is the day for the Reopening of the Bible Institute in Mexico! Marc left yesterday to fly down for this event. The boys and I are here in Bedford for the next 9 days while he's gone. He will be addressing the Mexican National Church General Assembly, meeting with each pastor, and teaching a class in the Institute - all of this in Spanish, a language God is helping him learn, but that he's been "out of" for many months now. I know he would appreciate your prayers that he minister effectively this week.

The boys are attending SCCA this week and a couple days next week - they're so excited.

Another request: Next Monday and Tuesday, Marc will be traveling to Saltillo, the city in Mexico where we will be living when we go back on December 1. He will be going there for the express purpose of finding housing for our family. We would appreciate your prayers that God would guide him to just the right place that would be adequate for our family and within our budget. Thank you!!

I will be reporting on Sunday's services soon!

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The Gurnee's said...

Just the right house for your family is waiting for you!! I am praying that it'll be just perfect and that it'll surpass your highest expectations!!

Love & Prayers,
Julie & Family