Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time with my sister

I am so much enjoying spending the last few days with my youngest sister Mandy, her husband, Nathan, and their 3 darling kids: Treyton, Jackson and Jada. Our services have been within driving distance of their home this week.

Their home is beautiful and we're just having an awesome time together.

A couple days ago we enjoyed a scrumptious ham dinner together on their gorgeous new dining room table - we were so blessed to help them "break it in".

Never seen kids eat vegetables like these twins - they love 'em.

It was fun to see my cousin Brent, his wife Mary and their little daughter Allison last night. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for everything, Nathan and Mandy - love you guys!


Vonnie said...

I'm so happy you got to be with your sister. Their house is beautiful. I love the fall decorations outside. Andrew would have a hard time with your cousins' "team"... :) He loves to tease Ohio State fans that live up here. Missing you guys!

Dawn said...

Myranda does have a beautiful home, I miss being their neighbor. I haven't been to there to chuch in a long time, I didn't know Brent & Mary had a daughter. You take pretty pictures. :]

Tamra said...

So glad you were able to spend time with your family. I like Myranda's new table! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

Lisa said...

Hi Melodie! Glad you got to visit with your sister.
My two big boys have also started a blog and I told them about your hopeful they can hook up and be buds. We thought about you guys since my oldest is now taking Spanish lessons and maybe he could learn some things from your boys! They are going to be involved in their fist geography fair and we chose Mexico! Feel free to share anything with us! ~Lisa

Ronda said...

Nice that you could spend QT with your sister! Her house is very the new table!

~Heather~ said...

So nice that you could be with your family. Enjoyed catching up on your blog. =)