Monday, October 27, 2008

Recent Missions Services and Stops Along the Way

Last Wednesday night we were privileged to share our ministry with Pastor and Mrs. Glenn Dotson and the people of the Community Bible Methodist Church. We so much enjoyed being there and appreciate the generous love offering and share support. A special treat was to stay in the Dotsons' home - our friendship goes a long way back. We have always loved and appreciated the them. Thank you for everything!

Here I am pictured with 2 precious little girls at the Community Church. The girl on the left, Allyson Gardner, prays for me and our family every day. Thank you, sweetheart!
The boys enjoying the fireplace and cozy family room at the Dotsons' home.

Bro. and Sis. Dotson in front of their beautiful home

On Thursday, we stopped in Alexandria, IN at the Gaither Family Resource Center/Gift Shop. The boys had fun rocking in the chairs and watching a video.

We also took a drive through tour of Indiana Wesleyan University.

Then on Thursday night we presented our Share Support Service in Tocsin, IN with Pastor Andrew Street and congregation. Again, our friendship with Andrew goes back a few years, with him having served as our assistant pastor in Franklin. So good to see you again, Andrew - thanks for the delicious meal! And thank you to Pastor and people for the wonderful love offering and share support response.

Can you see the dates on the cornerstone? Beautiful old church....

Our boys always love being with Andrew Street. He prayed a special prayer of blessing over them at the end of our service, and one of the ladies of the church prayed a prayer for me, and one of the men prayed for Marc. It was such a meaningful time!

Marc returned from Mexico last Wednesday trying to fight off a cold/sinus infection, so we tried to rest on Friday and Saturday (while helping his parents continue to move into their new home). Sad to say, he almost completely lost his voice and so yesterday's services were interesting to say the least. He "plowed ahead" and did his best anyway, but today he's paying for it - he's not feeling well at all. I would appreciate your prayers for him. Again, a Share Support Tour is no time to be sick.

Sickness notwithstanding, we did have 2 good services yesterday in Greenfield and Westfield, IN. It was a pleasure to be with Pastor Mike Mater and his wife Michelle and the wonderful people in visit with good share a fabulous Sunday dinner at the Mater home...Thank you, Pastor Mike and people for your share support and love offering!
Enjoying lunch in the Maters' beautiful home

Then last night in Westfield...thank you to Pastor Monte Stetler and wife Mary (my 3rd and 4th grade teacher, by the way) and people for your share support and love offering and for the food and fellowship after the service. We enjoyed being with all of you!

Marc enjoyed visiting with his friend, Tom Eckert, from GBS Quartet days. It was good to be with his wife, Bethany and son Braden, too.

Re: our housing - we are currently pursuing a couple options for our family's housing in Saltillo, Mexico. Nothing is definite yet. Please help us continue to pray about this matter.

Thanks for traveling with us again!


The Smith Family said...

Enjoyed seeing the picture of the Stetlers! They are one of my most favorite pastors we've had at Stanton. We are praying that God will lead you to the housing that He has prepared for you in Mexico.

Melanie C. said...

Ooh! You were close to my neck-of-the-woods last week...and was it IWU in Marion? That is where my dad works...