Friday, October 17, 2008

Institute Update - Friday

I don't have a lot of pictures to share with you yet, but just wanted to write a quick update. I am sharing with you what Marc shared with me late last night on the phone.

The sessions of the Mexico Bible Methodist General Assembly were blessed with the presence of the Lord yesterday and Wednesday. We are so thankful for answers to prayer in some very important decisions that needed to be made - God prepared the way, and we are so grateful. We are so blessed to be working with our National President Dolores Hernandez (newly elected for 4 years), National Board and dedicated group of pastors in Mexico! We link arms with them for the furthering of God's Kingdom in Mexico.

The answers to prayer that we have experienced over the past 2 days are further validation of God's leadership in Mexico Bible Methodist Missions. May God continue to help us walk in step with Him and let Him lead as we look forward to the future He has planned for us!

Yesterday afternoon, Professors Rusty Rundell and William Snider arrived and both gave class introductions and presentations last evening. An almost instant connection was made with our pastors and students and now today, they are teaching a full day of classes and sessions. The weekend is very full with a tight schedule, packing in every bit of instruction and interaction possible, but the Institute is underway!

Thank you - a special thank you - to each of you who are praying for this event. Your prayers are being heard and answered.

Here's a picture "borrowed" from Missions Director John Parker who is present in Mexico for the General Assembly and the Reopening of the Bible Institute.

Marc is talking to our Bible Institute President, Eli Balderas.


Vonnie said...

So wonderful!! Good to chat with you tonight on FB.

Melba said...

Praise the Lord! Glad the Mexican Bible School is off to a good start. We (Heartland Missionary Conference) have all been praying for this for a long time.