Saturday, October 18, 2008

Institute Photos

Here are a few of those photos I was telling you about.

Students studying between class sessions

Professor Snider teaching, Professor Rundell translating into Spanish

A Class session

Enjoying tacos de bistec after evening class

Marc reports that the Institute classes are being especially blessed with God's presence and that the pastors and students are just "drinking it in". Both Prof. Snider and Prof. Rundell's presentations are so relevant and annointed and are ministering to all who are present!

Pastor Luna and President Balderas' sessions have also been wonderful and Marc says that the Lord helped him present his class last night on the topic "Cultivating a Spirit of Worship in our Services". Steve Stetler will be presenting his class tonight on the topic "How to Study the Bible".

Please continue to pray for the day tomorrow and the class sessions that will be presented by Bros. Rundell and Snider. Thank you!

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Vonnie said...

So good to hear how this is all going.