Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sunday Missions Services

This past Sunday we were invited to share our ministry with Pastor and Mrs. Powell and the people at the Greenbriar Holiness Church. Thank you, Pastor and people for the share support, love offering and the delicious lunch.

Then on Sunday evening we presented our Share Support Service at the Bible Methodist Church in Burlington, KY where my Uncle and Aunt Darrell and Regina Stetler pastor. It was so wonderful to be with this part of our family again - the boys had fun with Kenny and we enjoyed getting to see our niece, Maria (our missionary co-workers' daughter) and her boyfriend, Joe.

A wonderful crowd was present for the service - the church was full! Thank you so much to Pastor and people for the wonderful share support response, the generous love offering, and for the meals and accommodations. We enjoyed being with you all so much!

We also enjoyed being with "Grandpa and Grandma" Stetler - not really our grandparents, but pretty close! They have been an amazing prayer support to Logan and our family as he has gone through this difficult time, praying for him daily. Bro. and Sis. Stetler, you do not know how much your friendship and wise counsel (for many years) and your prayer support during this time means to us - we love you both!

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Vonnie said...

Oh that is so neat!! I love the Stetlers too!!