Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sisters' Coffee Time

Last night when our kids were in bed, Marci and I went to Starbucks for coffee. It was fun to sit and catch up a little, and to enjoy our coffee....Love you, Marci

I'll say more about this in a later post, but Marci has been a tremendous help to me during this Share Support Tour. Helping with everything from our display design to newsletters to taking family photos for promotional items to mailing things that we've needed to us and much more!


The Smith Family said...

How fun enjoying some sister time!

Kim M. said...

Marci just amazes me. That's awesome to have some talented sister help!

Going out for coffee would be my first pick too!Yum!!!

Becky said...

So nice you got to spend some time together! I always feel sorry for girls that don't have sisters (you are triple blessed!).

Dave said...

Hey! Its so nice that you have had some time to catch up with family while you are back in the states. Hope you guys are all doing well.